My name is Ken Francis.


I came up with the name “Right Brainium” because the right side of the brain is where our creative activity takes place.


My family was creative. My dad was a multi-talent artist and musician. My sister is an artist who continues to create some of my album cover art.


I love music and often spend a lot of my time in my studio. I completely lose track of time when I’m producing a music CD in the studio. I call it being in the “black hole” of time. For me, creativity is as important as food, water and air. Often in my studio, I lose track of time and forget to eat and drink when my right brain takes control. I’m sure most creative types understand exactly what I’m saying.


I was raised in the Detroit area in a home that was always surrounded by music. As a baby boomer I was first influenced by the unrestrictive rhythms of early rock 'n' roll and the Motown sounds of the 1960's, then came the introduction of the Bossa Nova in the 1960’s and smooth jazz in the 1970's. So I guess much of my music is guided by rhythmic grooves. And these rhythms along with melodies are always playing in my head. They are a close companion, and one that brings me great comfort and joy.


The power of today’s technology enables me to produce CD's holistically - writing, playing and recording, arranging, editing, and designing and creating the artwork that houses each CD. To share this CD with you is my gift. I invite you to sit undisturbed and experience a few chapters in my melodic, rhythmical, lyrical, and creative autobiography.



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